Military M1A2 Vs Merkeva And Leopard II Tanks

 Military M1A2 Vs Merkeva And Leopard II Tanks

The Merkava has components made in Germany and several other countries. so I don’t know how “Israeli” it is. Haven’t a few of them been knocked out by folks on the 38 super ammo for sale  West Bank, or Gaza… with RPGs and Molotov cocktails? I saw a Web site where they were talking much a lot about the prowess of the Merkava. I think it’s a good tank, but I don’t think it’s better than an M-1A2, or a Leopard II; especially the newest models. My main concern with an M-1 would be that it requires a huge amount of fuel to remain operational… many countries don’t have the logistics to keep them “fed.”

I don’t see how any one can say that the Leopard 2 is a better tank than the M1a2. Especially since it has never been combat tested. It would also be hard to compare it to a Merkava since the IDF has not fought any significant opponents since their little adventure into Liberia back in the 80’s. I know personally, if I had enemy tanks coming over the dune I’d want an M-1 giving me cover fire.

Several of the components of the tank are built in other countries, but the Merkava itself appears to be organic to Israel – it is constructed in Israel by Israeli Defense Industries. It utilizes the same 120mm smoothbore as found on the Leopard, Abrams, Challenger, etc. As far as I know they’ve only been knocked out in the W. Bank by 100kg packages of explosives placed under the road – striking the tank’s vulnerable underside. As far as the other components of the tank – I was under the impression that the technology stuff was actually made in Israel itself and just wanted to see if anybody knew how it “really” stacked up against the Abrams. I was surprised by your experience with the Canadians though.

Someone that I know also raised a good point when he mention that the Leopard hasn’t really been tested in combat – the analysis I was reading called the Abrams the best combat-tested tank in the world, but the Leopard the best tank in some sort of nebulous theoretical way. Tough to say “which is tougher” the Abrams or the Merkava. My impression is that the armor is similar. The 3 tanks that we’ve lost were to do 100kgs, blowing up under the tank.

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