Discover The Best Massage Therapy For You

Some people think that all massages are alike but, in fact, there are different types of massage therapy which can target different trouble areas. The art of massage has developed in different cultures all over the world for centuries. Ancient Eastern cultures incorporate massage as part of their medicine and healing regimes. You will find that in many cultures, massage is used to bring the energy of the body back into balance. Much like acupuncture, it works on the energy meridians that run through your body. While in the Western civilization, we tend to discount this, no one can deny the invigorating and energizing effects of a good massage.

Swedish massage is probably one of the newer techniques and was developed in the early part of the 19th century. Characterized by long fluid movements this massage targets the long muscles of the body for an overall effect. It combines gentle tapping with long flowing strokes for gentle pressure over large muscle areas. For attention in a specific area, the 출장마사지 Swedish technique of Pettrissage is used and friction can also be employed to warm the surface area and stimulate blood flow.

Hawaiian massage or Lomilomi can be a great overall invigorating experience. Here the hands, fingers knees and elbows are used sometimes along with sticks and stones. The recipient might find themselves coated in Hawaiian salt or red clay is a cleansing before the massage which might also include being dunked in the ocean or sitting in a steam hut to get the circulation moving. The massage itself consists of long flowing movements for overall relaxation.

If you’re having problems with your joints than you might want a traditional Indian massage called Marma Point. This technique, which has been practiced for centuries, targets the points where muscles, tendons and bones join. It uses light pressure to stimulate the joints and relieve stress in that area.

To increase flexibility, you might consider a Thai massage which was actually developed in India over 2000 years ago and brought to Thailand along with Buddhism. This type of massage therapy starts with stretching movements which some people feel are comparable to yoga. The recipient wears loose pajama like clothing and, after the stretching, is treated to a massage where the practitioner uses both their hands in their feet.

For those painful knots in the muscle, there’s nothing like a deep tissue massage and the Japanese shiatsu massage is one that can do the trick. In this massage the practitioner uses their thumbs and fingertips to knead out the knots in the muscles. Instead of working on a large area it works one small area at a time increasing blood flow and circulation to the afflicted area. Sometimes while receiving one of these massages you can literally feel the tension dissolve in the muscle.

If you like heat, then a hot stone massage might be a little bonus you can add to your spa routine. This incorporates a regular massage with hot stones. The stones are made of a lava like rock called basalt. The stones are heated and then placed in a row down the back on either side of the spine. The heat is transferred from the stone into your body for calming and soothing effect.

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