Mobiles From India – The Vivo V21E

At this day and time when individuals can’t live without their mobile phones to connect to the world around them, digital camera is everyone s first consideration when purchasing a new cell phone. You have the option of buying a handset from a major manufacturer like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung or Motorola. You have the option of buying unlocked or pre unlocked cell phones. The latter are readily available from various online service providers. In this article, I am going to discuss why you should buy Vivo V21E to take advantage of the excellent combination of features.

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Camera: When it comes to camera, the Vivo v21E has got some great features that will amaze you Vivo V21e . The camera setup is quite impressive for it comes with both front as well as rear cameras. Apart from that it also has got a complete android interface with all the necessary features like IM interface, text messages, MMS, SMS and many more. To top it all, it has got a complete barcode scanner, which scans all grocery cards including the credit card, it also integrates with Google Places and integrates with many other third party services like Google Maps.

Handling: The camera setup in the Vivo v21E is pretty impressive. It looks like it has been made keeping in mind what a professional company would look like. The touch screen is responsive and it responds fast. Apart from that the Android interface allows for simple navigation through all the menus.

Storage: The body of the Vivo v21E is made up of a polycarbonate body. The phone comes with an aluminum frame with a dual band antenna. The 3.5 inch LCD screen has got an awesome resolution of 720 pixels. The memory of the phone is provided in the form of 16GB and the additional space can be gotten using the microSD card. The phone also comes with a generous amount of RAM which enables one to run multiple apps at the same time without any problem. The camera gets upgraded bi-round and has got a color recording option.

Software: The software inside the Vivo v 21E is pretty amazing. One can store tons of pictures in the memory and get the chance to edit them as per requirement. The Vivo does come with a decent collection of apps and most of them are required by most social networking sites on the net. You can find plenty of games on the Android platform as well along with a lot of fun apps. In addition to this the interface has been designed in such a manner so as to make it extremely easy to navigate through the interface.

Camera: The rear camera of the vivo v 21E is quite impressive and is capable of taking high resolution pictures as well as videos. The OE camera has got a pretty decent flash unit and also an optical zoom. This allows one to capture photos of great details and clarity. There is a dedicated video gallery as well which allows one to upload their videos in the cloud and view them on any internet enabled computer. There is an internal storage for the data which can be retrieved via the microSD card but it will cost you approximately $50. For all these reasons and many more the Vivo smartphone has been one of the most talked about mobiles from India.

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