Buying and Wearing Fake Body Jewelry

For those who want the pierced look but not the actual piercing, there are options. Many people invest in one of several forms of fake body jewelry to accomplish the look they want oufer .

There are several reasons why a person may not want to get a piercing but want the pierced look. One may simply be the fear of the needles and pain that goes along with any form of piercing. Sometimes having a piercing is not an option due to religious or cultural beliefs. The working environment may frown on piercings, another reason why one may opt for the fake jewelry in the place of the real thing. Sometimes a person may want to try out a look with fake body jewelry before going to the trouble of having the real thing.

There are several kinds of fake body jewelry out there. One type includes a system of magnets and can be used on areas of the body such as the ears where there are two surfaces with only a thin layer of skin between to allow for proper placement of the jewelry. Another type of jewelry simply clips on and is adjustable; this can be ideal for people wanting to try out body piercings that are a bit more complicated in nature than earrings.

What should one look for when buying fake body jewelry? First, get it from a reputable source that deals in body jewelry. Fake body jewelry should be made of the same kinds of metals as regular piercing jewelry. This is due to allergy reasons more than anything, and some jewelry that is made of lesser quality materials can change the skin color. Jewelry made in gold, stainless steel, titanium, or other types of metal that are similar to regular jewelry is best. For those with super sensitive skin, gold is often the best choice for jewelry. The jeweler who sells the jewelry should also be able to provide information about how best to wear it and how to take care of it. Fake body jewelry can easily be lost, so learning how to properly wear it and attach it to the skin to make it have a realistic appearance is important.

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