The Top 3 TFT Songs From The Jitterbug Rave Preset

To date, TFT Best Comps are used mostly to reference new age electronic equipment that is popularly marketed as Telemagic, Magic Jack, Magic Mix and the like. These brands all have different features, which each one brings to the table in order to create a unique experience for its users. As of late, the brand that has most consistently attracted customers and consumers across the globe is Jitterbug. Most probably because of its charming name. These Telemagic products are all digital and have been created with a unique user interface.

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Jitterbug’s lineup of TFT Best Comps includes some of the most innovative composition units and multi-tasking devices ever created. These gadgets come with an inbuilt memory, which can store hundreds of songs. The same unit also contains an inbuilt sequencer, which allows users to compose their own personalized song. It is the only composition unit that comes with a full complement of sounds TFT Best Comps.

Jitterbug’s other TFT Best Comps includes the following: Jitterbug XP Mega Editor, Jitterbug Pearl Digital Audio Editor, Jitterbug Rave Preset Tour, Jitterbug Super Mix Preset Tour, Jitterbug Super 8 Deluxe Preset, Jitterbug Ultimate Preset, Jitterbug Rave Starter Kit, and Jitterbug Ultimate Audio Editing and Design Expert. Each one of these comps has its own main carry price. The prices vary depending on the capacity of the unit, the type of format it was made for, and if it was made by Jitterbug or some other renowned manufacturer. Each of these TFT Best Comps has some distinctive features that set them apart from the rest of the comps in the market today.

The Jitterbug Rave Preset Tour is one of the best comps for auto snipers because it contains a number of songs that can be used as practice. The song “Touch of Grey” by The Beatles is one of the main staples in every professional DJ’s library. When mixed with the Jitterbug Rave Preset, this song becomes a massive sound patch that can be used over again. Other versions of the song exist as B-side cuts, and versions that are played as background during live performances. In a nutshell, Jitterbug Rave Preset Tour is a must-have for hardcore DJ fans.

With Jitterbug Rave Preset, a lot of “beach music” -type songs that are popular among beach lovers can now be brought into the limelight. Jitterbug Rave Preset has the ability to be a s-tier (intro) comp or a brawler (main) comp in any given situation. This is exactly what makes Jitterbug Rave Preset so versatile and popular amongst DJs. There is many other TFT Best Comps that is more focused towards specific styles of music, but Jitterbug Rave Preset is definitely among the top 6 divine comps available on the market.

Another favorite in the TFT Best Comps list is TFT’s 6 Mage. This A-tier comp is a perfect blend of trance-style vocals with top-notch production techniques and top-notch mixing skills. With a huge list of radio hits under its belt including “Good Times”, “Your Time”, “Hips Don’t Lie” and many others, this comp is definitely worth a listen. The mix is high-energy, with the vocals being prominent and the whole song sounding like it was written especially for TFT listeners. The a-tier rating of 6 mages allows it to be brawling as well, but with the right mix and scratches, it can go down too hard to be too mainstream.

One song from the Jitterbug Rave Preset that deserves a special mention is “Come Together”. This is a fairly traditional love song, which has the perfect beat for an amazing TFT comp. With a slow pace and a laid back feel, it makes for a perfect choice to be the lead single from a TFT comp album. With no vocals and a fast tempo, the beat is perfect for an energetic song.

The final song from the Jitterbug Rave Preset that deserves a mention is “Red Buff”. With a simple piano and guitar intro, it is definitely one of the more laid back songs from the comp, but don’t let that tell you that it doesn’t have great TFT elements. A strong beat and excellent use of cymbals really make this a great song for a hardcore cybernetics fan to enjoy, especially if they haven’t yet conquered the genre with their own sound. At this point, I would highly recommend the Jitterbug Rave Preset to a beginner and advanced TFT fan alike. It’s fun, catchy and will keep you going until your next Jitterbug Rave Party.

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