Why Your Prostate Has Turned On You Like A Wounded Bear

You’ve had a great life, ups and downs, love, maybe marriage, children, and even grandchildren. You’ve seen wars, epidemics, the rise of technology, women’s lib, you’ve seen the good stuff, and the bad.

But your outlook on life isn’t so cheery at the moment. Because of your prostate gland growth, you wet your pants regularly, you take 15 minutes to go to the toilet, your sex life is non-existent and the drugs that are reducing the symptoms are making you feel depressed, give you heart palpitations, rashes, you’ve grown breasts and have bad fluid retention. Sounds like your prostate has turned on you doesn’t it? What did you do to your prostate for it to make your life such a misery?

Well let’s wind the clock back a little and see what it what’s happening here.

Firstly, the prostate gland growth is not normal. It’s weird, it increases at size at several stages, not gradually as we physically develop.

There are 4 stages in a man’s prostate growth;

– The first growth phase is completed before or at your birth, here the average prostate weighs about 1.5 grams.

– The second prostate gland growth phase occurs early during your puberty, when it increases to around 11 grams, (that’s why you felt so weird!)

– The third prostate gland growth phase occurs during the mid-20s, when the weight of your prostate gland increases to roughly 18 grams.

– There is another apparent growth phase that begins when you reach your 50s.

– By the time you are in your 70s, the prostate gland has reached a maximum weight of 31 grams, ouch! This gives weight to the statistic that 80% of men over 80 will have, or be experiencing prostate problems.

So what I’m telling you, is that throughout your lifetime your prostate gland will normally increase in weight about 21 times compared to its birth weight. That’s why all your symptoms are such a problem. You’re definitely not 21 times as tall as when you were born!! So although your prostate gland grows during much of your life, urinary flow problems usually appear only after the age of 50 when stage 4 starts rearing its ugly head.

To be honest with you, no one really knows why the your prostate gland enlarges during its multiple growth spurts. However, there are theories that attempt to explain this problem which affects countless men in every country. All of them believe hormonal changes over time are responsible for the problems caused by prostate gland growth.

Testosterone, that male hormone which makes you enjoy movies like Rambo, puts hair on your chest, and gives you your manly voice is responsible for the growth and maturation of your primary male reproductive organs. BUT, whether you like to admit it or not, you also have estrogen circulating in your bloodstream. The problem here is the amount of estrogen running prostate protocol reviews 2021 around your body INCREASES as your testosterone levels decrease, and as you age, your body begins to produce less testosterone.

There is strong evidence to suggest that this increase in circulating estrogen increases the problem caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone – see if you can spell that!). I can hear you mentally saying, “So what does this have to do with me?” Well nasty DHT increases and promotes your prostate glands cell growth. DHT is formed when testosterone is acted upon by a specific enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, and the final stage is when estrogen and DHT act together, and your prostate grows, simple as that.

As aging occurs, the amount of DHT in the prostate gland remains high, even though the circulating testosterone level drops. There is even some evidence that supports the idea that this high level of prostate DHT may by all by itself promote prostate gland cell growth and lead to enlargement.

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