Bogus Weight Loss Claims, and the Real Truths Behind Them

Losing weight is sometimes forced upon us. Desperation causes people to want to believe the claims of weight loss programs but sometimes their claims may be bogus.

Losing weight is just like any other goal. There are no shortcuts to achieving it, despite the claims of some weight loss programs that promise losing weight is easy. Try using Google and you will be overwhelmed with the hundreds of weight loss fad diets. Please remember that many self-named weight loss professionals are in it purely for the money, and they will say everything to convince you that their way is the perfect solution to a leaner body. If losing weight is one of your goals this year, the first thing that you must set your mind to is this:


If you are not ready to mentally abandon your old ways, and you would prefer an easier way to achieve your weight goals, then you can expect to relapse back to old ways any moment your resolve wavers or you find something more important to focus on. Extreme fad diets, surgeries and weight loss pills will only work for a short time, if they work at all. But if you have the wrong mind-set, eventually you are certain to return to your old habits and shape.

To keep you from falling into the trap of bogus weight loss experts, here are some of their claims and the real truth behind their program.

1. “Lose weight without watching your diet and keeping up a workout routine.”

Weight loss will only be achieved if you burn more calories and utilise excess body fat. This will only be Biotox possible if you change your eating habits and if you take the time and effort to exercise properly. Advertisements that claim that you can lose weight without doing anything is plainly a hoax.

2. “Lose weight and still pamper to your cravings. The more food you consume, the more weight you lose. Subscribe now and we’ll show you the magic.”

It is probably true that it is your cravings that have made you over-weight. If the program can help your to change your cravings you may have a chance. As a general statement the more food you consume, the more calories your body has to cope with especially if they are from carbohydrates. There is a way of eating more of the right kind of food to lose weight, but not as a general statement.

3. “Take our weight loss pills and lose pounds effortlessly.”

A slimming pill that on its own will help you to lose weight is nonsense. There are pills, both drug based and natural that will certainly help you on your quest as part of a regime of the right food, exercise and mind-set. So be wary as to how it’s worded.

4. “With our program, you can lose fats and inches in problem areas of your body.”

There are theoretic medical facts that back up this statement, however in my experience this is not as generally successful as they make it out to be. My best advice is to be very sceptical of any statements like this. Also don’t be misled by the price, don’t be fooled by a high price tag. This does not mean it must be good!

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