Adult Weight Loss Boot Camp Vs Gastric Bypass – 3 Points to Ponder

Adult weight loss boot camp versus gastric bypass? Apparently, this is an intriguing question to you or you would not be reading these words. If you have considered weight loss surgery, then there are some things you need to consider before going under the knife.

Yeah, I hear you now. You say you have tried everything and that surgery is your only hope to lose weight-but, haven’t you already lost weight time and time again only to gain the same weight right back again-plus some more? The point is that yo-yo dieting slows the metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and impossible to maintain when you do lose. Just what do you think that unnaturally accelerating weight loss will do to your metabolism? What’s more, after weight loss surgery you absolutely must avoid high sugars, and heavy fats or you will become very sick.

Once you realize these important facts, why not just avoid the surgery and do the right thing to begin with? If you are still not convinced that exercise and proper nutrition are attainable for you, then I want you to read these 3 key points to ponder regarding gastric bypass surgery:

1. Gastric Bypass Does Not Come With A Weight Maintenance Guarantee

The procedure is done on your body, NOT on your mind. Since you have failed to lose weight with a reasonable nutrition and exercise approach, you must not expect to change your habits just by having a gastric bypass operation. The habits will still need to change-and if you don’t change what you eat and how much you eat, you will suffer after gastric bypass.

Nearly twice the risk of other major operations, the death rate from gastric bypass is usually quoted 1 in 200! This includes secondary infection to staple line or suture line leaks, pulmonary embolism, and respiratory problems. Consider this list of complications:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Infection
  • Gallstones or gall bladder infections
  • Gastritis
  • Vomiting
  • Anemia caused by iron or vitamin B12 Revitaa pro deficiencies
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Depression

2. Nutritional Uptake is Often Problematic-Malnutrition is Your Trade Off For Weight Loss

The extreme low calorie diet following surgery causes more serious gastric bypass complications, like early osteoporosis from calcium deficiency and depression due to low brain serotonin levels. If you think you are depressed now from carrying your excess weight, consider depression from screwing up your brain chemistry. That can be difficult to correct. Also, due to the extreme low calorie diet required, many patients end up cheating and often gain weight back after the surgery. Food choices must be wise and portion sizes must remain under control. A website promoting weight loss surgery gives this post-op encouragement: “Learn to make healthy food choices, exercise regularly, keep a healthy mental outlook on life and develop a support system.”

I ask you this, “Why bother with the weight loss surgery, complications, risks, pain, and expense of follow-up cosmetic surgeries if it all comes down to this sage advice in the first place? Do the right thing to begin with and you can avoid all that!

3. Excessive Skin Hanging Due To Unnaturally Accelerated Weight Loss

Gastric bypass surgery will likely be the first of many surgeries once you go under the knife to get the body you want. When you see the skin apron that will hang from your belly, batwings flapping when you move your arms, and the drooping flesh between your thighs, under your neck, buttocks and anywhere you can think of-you will not be happy until this has all been dealt with. When you add up all the follow-up surgeries to correct any problems that arise, plus surgeries to remove excess skin you will be in for a lot of surgeries to correct the side effects of unnaturally accelerated weight loss. There is a much higher price to pay than the original weight loss surgery.

Another important point I want you to think about is the personal empowerment of following the proper disciplines to overcome your weight problem. The value in this is tremendous; because once you take control of your body you will realize how this positively affects all other areas of your life. Other people will perceive you differently and they will see your strength by what you have overcome. Succumbing to surgery is not only risky, but it is giving up control.

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