Weight Loss Success Stories – What Can We Learn?

Weight Loss Stories – Learn From The Success of Others


As a woman, a mother and a grandmother I too have struggled with my weight at various stages in my lifetime. During menses, after childbirth, during menopause as the body goes through incredible changes. At one time I was totally obese being over 70 lbs over weight and that is when I knew I had to stop the train from leaving the station and continuing onto to Fatsville, a town in Overweightsville. Being an athlete and a runner I was marred by injury and chronic disease that had taken the use of my legs at one point, in my life, but I couldn’t let that be the reason or the excuse to pile on the pounds.

I found a way to get myself mentally ready to lose the pounds. Now I believe that getting prepared and ready to take on the battle of the bulge is the hardest part of the journey. You can always give yourself the excuse of “I will start tomorrow” and then when tomorrow arrives its “I will start tomorrow” again and again as the cycle repeats itself then it never gets done. So mentally preparing yourself to shed the weight that took years to put on is a big hurdle but I tell you the truth if you get over that mental obstacle you are so ready for success! Its half the battle the mental aspect of any lifestyle adjustment and especially when it comes to food. I can’t express enough to you that the mental obstacles are the biggest hurdles to most any goal in life. We have to believe we can do it no matter what. We have to place faith in our ability to adjust long standing bad habits and wrong choices. We must believe in the “WHY” of our goal. Are we doing this for our health issues and or vanity.

No matter whatever the issue you must be willing to go the distance to reach that goal weight that you have in mind. So mental preparation is more than half the battle it will be the task master that you need when you are tempted to slip back into wrong choices of food and habits. So gird your mind with steel foundations to discipline yourself to reach that weight goal. I wonder if you have had an opportunity to watch the “Biggest Loser” TV show? Well, if you have you will see the mental metamorphosis that occurs in the contestants as they shed the pounds. Their whole mentality changes as well as so we have to WANT IT BADLY enough to change for that weight loss. Because getting to the other side of the Goal and attaining it is such sweet victory and to fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans without a struggle is sweet reward. Just the mere fact, that you are acknowledging that it is time to take a stand to lose the weight finally, for your health’s sake is quite the accomplishment! Yeah that is most definitely a cause to celebrate and it is important to you that you should celebrate the victories!

What goes into our mouths is just about the only thing that we can control in our lives nowadays. So to mentally prepare for cutting back on the bad choices we must have guidance to replace those bad choices with good nutritional choices. That is why to have a weight loss coach or specialized weight loss nutritionist is a big advantage. However not everyone can afford that so there are the programs that you can utilize online or offline methods. Many weight loss programs realize that majority of clients have access to the Internet and our lives are so busy that it is the perfect complement to our schedules, so they have an online component to their weight loss programs. That is the greatest way to document our food choices and record our weight loss and to be part of the community online where others who Revitaa pro are struggling can get together and chat about the challenges and triumphs of their weight loss journey.

As I have seen and heard wonderful success stories of weight loss by other men and women I look at that and think if they can do it so can I! But I believe that one should be patient when approaching weight loss and not expect instant success or overnight to lose 50 lbs. As it took years to gain that weight it would only be fair to approach it with patience in removing it too. So be kind and patient to yourself and especially, in your self talk while you go through this transformation. And having support online is always so beneficial to being able to chat with others who are going through the same struggles as you. It always seems to lighten the load to talk with others and you realize that you are not alone in this. We as humans need that belonging to something larger than ourselves and this is what helps us to get through the hard times and find the support online with the friends we have made in the online community in our chosen weight loss programs.

Another step in successful weight loss is keeping the goals small like you have an overall goal of losing X number of pounds but take it like in increments of 5 lbs each two weeks. That way you can celebrate your small victories along the way and before you realize it you will have lost all your weight and be at the goal weight before you know it! It’s amazing how wonderful and light you it feels to even lose just 10 lbs. And the importance of celebrating this little milestones can be touted enough as you must pat yourself on the back and celebrate your victories! So important this celebration and recognition of each set of 5 lbs as they do add up and before you know it you have lost 30 pounds! That is so exciting and wonderful and you must mark those down in your online diary and hopefully your community has trophy recognitions or badges something that you are given for your fine efforts.

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