When Looking For a House for Sale, Consider Manufactured Homes

When you are ready to make the move to home ownership, or to move on from your present home, a manufactured home is an option that ought to be considered. Many people think of a manufactured home as a trailer or mobile home, which is meant to be re-locatable. This is not the case with manufactured housing, though some people may move a mobile home a couple of times in an effort to relocate to a nicer neighborhood, or even to a piece of land that they may purchase for that purpose. Some people may choose to purchase a mobile home or a trailer home, as a temporary situation while they are building a home or saving up to buy a larger home. A manufactured home is midway between a mobile home and a stick built home. You get the benefit of the affordability of a mobile home, and the look and permanence of a stick built home all rolled into one package.

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When you decide it is time to make the move check your local listings for a manufactured house for sale. A newer manufactured home could cost you as little as $40,000, while you may be able to find a used manufactured house for sale in the low thirties. While you will not have the expense of pouring a concrete basement to put a mobile home or trailer on, it is preferable to seat a manufactured home on a concrete slab estate agents burnley. This will ensure that the house is level and secure. Generally, there is a skirting that will cover the jacks that the home is resting on as well. All of these expenses are well below the cost of a traditional stick built home’s foundation.

Manufactured housing has come a long way. Years ago the walls were made of a thin board, or even wood paneling, rather than sheet rock and had narrow strips of laughing over the seams. Today you will find manufactured homes whose walls have been taped and mudded in the traditional fashion. Many manufactured homes offer attractive features such as bay windows, French doors, vaulted ceilings, or plant shelves built in at the top of the walls. They may also feature conveniences such as a walk-in closets or separate laundry and mud rooms. The outside finishes can also offer a similar look to a stick built home, with designer touches such as rock or brick facings and even some stucco trim.

So in your search for a new house for sale, don’t overlook the possibility of manufactured housing is a good option for your family, especially if you can find one located in a good neighborhood. You won’t be disappointed.

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